The Dog’s Holiday Rules

If You’re Visiting for the Holidays, the Dog Wants You To Know…

Honey the Golden Retriever poses at Ithaca Falls for Something Wagging This Way Comes.

Who wouldn’t want to visit us? Look where we live!

He did pick up his toys. The squirrel goes at the bottom of the steps. The ball goes under the couch. The lamb goes in front of the door.

The price of admission to any holiday event is a game of tug, preferably near the Christmas tree.

Did you really think you could give the dog a piece of holiday ham and not have her follow you from room to room for the rest of the day?

No, she doesn’t want to lick up the orange juice you spilled. Get a rag and clean it up yourself.

There’s no such thing as a holiday from walkies.

Everyone entering the house will be sniffed for cookies contraband.

The only sports event allowed on television is Puppy Bowl.

Well if you didn’t want to share your bed with a dog, why didn’t you lock the guest room door?

Hanukkah is much better than Christmas—how can you beat eight days of presents and fried potatoes?

Nine o’clock is plenty late to visit. Any later and you’re likely to hear “it’s time for bed” barking.

He has a little gift for everyone to take home. You’ll find it on the back of your pants when you get up from the couch.

Do your dogs have any rules for holiday visitors?

Cosmo, You Will Be Missed

We were sorry to hear that Cosmo the Havanese, the fuzzy muse of To Dog With Love, passed shortly before Christmas.

Our hearts go out to Diane and her family.

To Dog With Love Masthead.







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  1. I just read about Cosmo on Cokie’s blog. I will pop over and extend my sympathies.

    My dogs want you to know that you are there to visit them, no-one else so why are you wasting time. :-)

  2. The motto of this house is “Love Me, Love My Dog”…and if you don’t, then maybe you better visit elsewhere cause you won’t be happy here. Lucky for me the folks I like most are all as dog-crazy as I am…Wonder why that is? 😉

  3. My guys have the bedtime rule, too! For that matter, Wilson won’t even wait…he puts himself to bed upstairs when he is ready for sleep. Jimmy has to wait for whoever the last human going to bed is.

    Jimmy’s rule for visitors is Do Not Touch Wilson! Only Touch ME!!!!!!!!!

    • I wish Wilson would teach Honey how to put herself to bed. She insists we all go to bed at the same time.

      We’re probably lucky Honey doesn’t have a sister or brother. I’m sure she’d like Jimmy’s rule too.

  4. The only rule we have to add is that slobber happens, more this time of the year than any with all the goodies around!

    We were so sad to hear of Cosmo’s passing. He was a special guy:)

    • On the positive side, slobber probably keeps dropped food from sticking to the floor. If anything actually drops to the ground, that is.

      We all know what it feels like to lose a loved dog. And ten years old is definitely too young. I’m so glad Diane has the puppy to keep her company.

  5. I was enjoying the list, but Cosmo passed? Oh my. Such a sweet pup, with such a sweet mom.

  6. Rita’s rule is “I will probably bark at you every time you walk back into the room, even if you were only gone 2 minutes to use the bathroom. Deal with it. Or, preferably, give me a treat and we’ll call it even.”
    So sorry to hear about Cosmo. His family must be devastated.

    • Don’t your friends remember to take treats with them when they leave to go to the bathroom? Shame on them. They deserve to be barked at. :)

      Diane (Cosmos’s Mom) has been getting support from all over the internet. But I don’t think she feels ready to face her public. I can’t imagine how hard their past few days have been.

  7. Walks – now and later. Weather doesn’t matter unless it’s raining – then we’ll pass.

    You will give us treats – all of us. No one will bite off your hand but Walter’s and Pink Floyd’s breath may knock you out (more treats for the rest of us).

    My heart and prayers to Cosmos and family. Heading there now. Happy Christmas Season!

  8. My condolences to Cosmo’s family. So sad to lose a family pet.

    But on a happy note, your holiday rules are spot on!

  9. I had no idea about Cosmo! How very sad. I remember Diane talking while we were in Knoxville together about how she couldn’t date a guy who wouldn’t love Cosmo the way she did. He was very loved!

    Our dogs’ rule for holiday visitors is “If you think the floor is good enough for me to sit on, then it’s good enough for you! We’re not giving up the couch!”

  10. Sounds about right!!

  11. You are like us…you live in the best part of the whole wide world!

    Fuzzy and Boomer


  12. lol! I love the dog rules! I may have to take a cat’s spin on that one.. and say the present that cat’s leave is already all over your clothes. =^..^= Love it. Please send my condolences to Cosmo’s family.

  13. Thank you so much for posting about Cosmo. We miss him so much, but I’m thankful for every day I had him and that he’s free from pain. Rocco and I will continue the adventure in the spirit of Cosmo Havanese. xxoo

  14. Honey’s on the mark with the rules and only missed one that I caught. Entrance to your home is a cookie. It must be given as you enter or else.