The Dog Sport Even Safe for Klutzes: Dogobie Flying Disc Review

Honey and I have something in common. We both love sports. But we’re also klutzes.

Since we’re not competitive athletes it doesn’t usually matter. But it makes me reluctant to fling a heavy, stiff, plastic object in Honey’s general direction. My aim is terrible. And her catching is even worse.

Honey the Golden Retriever wants to catch the Dogobie flying disc.

Whatcha waiting for? Throw it! Throw it!


What Dog Sport Is Safe for Klutzes?

When the Aerobie company offered us a soft, Dogobie flying disc to try (and one for a lucky reader), I said, “Yes. Please.”

This was our chance to imitate those cool human/dog flying disc teams. Without anyone suffering a concussion.

Honey’s New Favorite Dog Sport

Honey loved the disc from the beginning. She was excited to see it in my hand and chased it down like she would any ball, despite never having played with such a thing before.

Although Honey catches food tossed from the cutting board when I’m cooking with no problems, she wasn’t as good at catching the disc. Honey jumped in the air, but her timing was off and she usually picked up the disc off the ground. At times, she found it hard to grasp the disc in her teeth when it was lying flat. It’s the only negative I found for the Dogobie flying disc.

But trouble picking up the disc made it no less fun for Honey and she continued to bring it back to me over and over so I could toss it again.

After a while, my throwing improved and so did Honey’s catching. She did snag the disc in the air a few times. Unfortunately, I can’t toss a disc and snap a picture at the same time.

Honey the Golden Retriever tries to catch the Dogobie flying disc.

What is this? The Hall of Shame? Maybe if you threw a little better you’d have more pictures of me catching the thing.

Honey also enjoyed prancing around with the disc in her mouth. Goldens are famous for liking to carry soft objects—socks, stuffies, dirty underwear. And Honey is all golden. She loved carrying the disc around.

Dogobie Flying Disc – Even Fun for Klutzes

I’m thrilled with the Dogobie flying disc. It’s sturdy enough to stand up to a spontaneous session of tug while soft enough to throw at your dog without worrying she’ll get a black eye.

The Dogobie flying disc.If you think your dog would enjoy it, enter the contest below. One lucky winner will receive their own Dogobie flying disc.

And if  you’re not the lucky winner, you can get your own Aerobie Dogobie Disc(affiliate link) at Amazon.

Your Turn: Can your dog catch a flying disc? Or is she a klutz, like Honey?
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Disclosures: The Aerobie sent me a free disc to review. I did not receive any other compensation for writing my review and my opinion is my own. If you buy anything through the Amazon affiliate link, I will make a small commission. Thank you for supporting the costs of bringing you Something Wagging This Way Comes.
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  1. Love the title because Mom is accident prone! We have a dog frisbee, but since non of us are real retriever types, we don’t use it much. When lab cousin Lena comes to visit we haul it out for her. Glad you enjoy a game of Frisbee, but what is wrong with your human that she can’t throw and photograph at the same time? Sounds like an easy task 😉

  2. I’m SOOOOO terrible that throwing a frisbee. They end up hitting the ground like 5 feet away from my feet. Thankfully, Chuck is much better at it and he’s been playing frisbee with Bailey for about a month now. She’s gotten pretty good, even catching it in the air. The thing Chuck has realized is that in order for Bailey to catch it, he has to throw it right. It’s basically the definition of setting your dog up for success. Bailey’s biggest problem is bringing it back. She’s a Labrodor Retriever that isn’t so great at retrieving. Once she gets that down, I think they’ll have a great time.

    • I definitely need to work on my technique. But I think we’ll get it with practice. For now, I’m only throwing the disc a short distance to get Honey used to tracking it.

      When we first started tossing treats to her in the air, they always bounced off her nose. Now she can snag a piece of cheese no matter where it is.

      Do you think we could set up a learning exchange? If Bailey could teach Honey how to catch the frisbee, Honey could teach her how to return it. :)

      • A learning exchange would be great! We accidentally taught Bailey how to play keep away when she was a puppy and have regretted it ever since.

        I think Chuck also started with short distances and then as she got better started throwing it farther. I think she got better with catching other toys and treats once she got good with the frisbee. Then again, I never actually tried. One day Chuck threw her a piece of ice, and when she caught it I said, “Oh…I didn’t know she could do that.” Some mom I am.

        • You make me laugh! Accidentally teaching a retriever to play keep away. Now that’s quite a training success. :)

          If you want to work on the retriever, have Chuck run away or hide after Bailey catches the ball. Many dogs find a game of chase irresistible. Maybe it will work.

          • LOL Ya know, I never actually thought about it like that. That is pretty funny.

            That’s a wonderful suggestion. Thank you! I’ll have to tell him that. The other night I practiced giving her a treat when she dropped a ball at my feet. Chuck did the same the next day and we think she’s on her way to getting it.

  3. My guys love catching a frisbee, especially Wilson. He would love to win this prize!

    • This contest will be absolutely impartial and the winner chosen at random. But I must say, I would love to see Wilson jumping in the air after the dogobie. :)

  4. My dogs love to retrieve a ball, but they are terrified of Frisbees hurled at them. I don’t think soft is a word they would compute if it came flying at them.

    • I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that they know they can fit the entire ball in their mouth which won’t happen with a disc? After all, if you have a mouth full of sharp teeth and a powerful jaw, nothing you can fit in your mouth is very threatening. :)

  5. Our boy loves his silicone frisbee, but it’s getting old and we can’t find another (it was a gift from the vet). This product sounds very similar!

  6. margaret petros says:

    Abby loves any kind of flying disc. Can’t always catch them due to my poor throwing technique but she loves to go after them & bring them back to me for another throw. Never tires of the game.

  7. We are absolute amateurs…I’d like to try this because Gizmo can’t pick up the rigid discs but I think he might be able to pick this one up

  8. I think that shot of Honey leaping to catch it rivals any flying disk dog photo out there! Plus Honey is prettier than any of them :) Sounds like a good disc – neither of my guys are into fetch AT ALL, but maybe this would entice them. Thanks for joining the Hop!

  9. My Flash catches discs, but he only catches soft edged ones. This looks perfect. Yes, please.

  10. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    We will be hanging out with you, with the amateurs. I have one dog that catches but he is getting older.

  11. I’m not very good at catching the things, but I sure like chasing them down. I guess I’m kind of like Honey. I CAN catch tennis balls like a champ though!

  12. Great job, Honey! I have tried to get Maya & Pierson to catch a disc in the air. But either they have no talent for it or I just don’t know how to train for it properly. It’s probably the later.

  13. Danielle Murgia says:

    I think we would be enthusiastic entrepreneurs. We do like to run though.

  14. Diamond and Ella love running and fetching balls but won’t catch them in the air. I think they’d have fun with the flying disc because it’s soft :) You did great Honey!

  15. Shiloh *loves* frisbee… but I wouldn’t consider him a star. He’s fast, he’d play for hours and is quite agile. But for all the jumping he does in agility, he prefers instead to run after the frisbee and bark at it till it lands!

  16. I don’t think either of our dogs has any real acrobatic disc-catching skills. They are much more at home with 4 paws on the ground. :)

  17. My dog can jump, but she doesn’t know how to catch things with her mouth. Bless her heart. We are working on it.

  18. looks brilliant, and a new skill that you can both learn together. BD loves Frisbees, however they usually end up broken after he has bitten down on them too hard. The only one BD didn’t break was one that OH persuaded me to throw into a river for him to chase and he said the immortal lines “trust me, it will float” no prizes for guessing it sunk, much to mine and BDs annoyance!

  19. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Artie likes balls better than flying discs, but he likes to chase anything that is thrown.

  20. We would be amateurs I’m sure.