The Dog Lover’s Guide To Fall

The shocking red and orange leaves I can see from my front window, darkness falling earlier, and a slight nip in the air tell me something is changing.

It must be fall.

But since I’m a dog lover, my fall is different from a normal person’s. Is yours?

Honey the Golden Retriever - why does my dog do that

Fall – it’s better to see this…

How A Dog Lover Sees Fall

Leaves aren’t those colorful, crunchy things under your feet when you walk. They’re an intensive poop camouflage system that makes you “feel your way” during clean up.

Honey the golden retriever sits in snow.

… than this.

That frosty air isn’t a sign to grab a sweater. It’s the beginning of a long debate about whether you should put your short-haired dog in her coat or if you still need to pack water for your furry dog.

It’s not time to start baking apple crisp and cookies. It’s time to start feeling guilty because you’re not making delicious, homemade treats for your dog like Jodi at Kol’s Notes.

Scarecrows, scary witches, and goblins aren’t your neighbors having fun with the season. They’re booby-traps that freak out your dog as you turn the corner.

Golden Retriever looks at Scarecrow

Not very friendly, are you?

Your favorite fleece jacket isn’t a way to protect you from the wind. It’s a catcher for dog hair that no lint roller, brush, or dryer will ever release.

Halloween candy isn’t just for kids out having fun. It’s what gets dropped all over your neighborhood causing you to repeatedly yell, “Drop it. Drop it.” when you walk your dog on November 1.

Halloween Honey the Golden Retriever

The early night sky isn’t an excuse to watch the stars. It’s having to add a head lamp to your dog-walking gear so you can find your pup’s leavings.

Those squirrels aren’t making preparations for a long winter. They’re turning your dogs into raging beasts and your windows into a slobbery mess.

Your furnace isn’t a helpful way to cope with cooler temps. It’s a device that forms cyclones of dog hair around every heating vent.

Those stuffed “snakes” you put down to block the drafts from your doors don’t save you money on heating bills. They’re irresistible tug toys that end up leaking sand all over your floors.

But best of all,

Fall isn’t just another season. It’s the beginning of six months of cuddling with your best friend before it’s so hot you can’t stand to be near each other.

Honey the Golden Retriever is a lap dog.

Glad it’s getting cooler. Now I have my favorite seat back.

Your Turn:  What do you think fall means to a dog lover?






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  1. All of these are SO true! I constantly see Jodi’s posts and am glad my pups can’t read or they’d be really disappointed in me.

  2. I can agree with some of those. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about walking in the dark though. But I do love having Torrey on my lap, and it has to be cooler for that.

  3. Time to bundle up in old jeans and favorite sweatshirts, eat comfort foods, and lots of snuggling! Love it!

  4. For me it means the return to more favorable dog-walking temperatures! My dogs hate the heat (although this summer was remarkably pleasant), and often won’t go for a walk. I can always dress warmer, but I can’t go naked in the peak of summer 😉

    I agree with you on the fleece thing. Wow, what a hair magnet they are!

  5. Fall was always a precursor for Leo in preparation to the winter and all the snow. Can’t begin to imagine what this will be like this years, but Harley and I will preserver and get through it. Some how….

  6. I love fall, but I agree with you about the poop camouflage system! Richie likes fall because I will open the blinds in the house since I’m not worried about heat coming in, so he gets more sun to lie in during the day.

  7. Once again you capture so clearly true life with a dog. My house becomes more … aromatic … in the fall. Lovely wafts of rotting vegetation (I hope it’s just vegetation) gets tracked in on feet and fur.

  8. These are all great things about fall (oh, except for the poop in the leaves…that’s no fun). This morning we spent an extra 15 minutes snuggling in bed since it was still dark out (and raining as well).

  9. We are summer people (and dogs). Fortunately our fall doesn’t start until December, and winter exits March the 2nd on the dot…

  10. Fall means dogs pulling more and being more frisky on walks, getting ready for the pulling season by having them pull me on bike. And of course more snuggles. :)

    Don’t worry Pamela, hubby will be filming and getting shots of dog sledding for ya!

  11. Seriously fleece and dog fur – the worst combination ever. I love the extra cuddles in fall, and Laika and I enjoy some nice crisp walks in the beautiful woods. We have nice bonfires in the evenings, wearing big comfy sweaters and jeans. Oh, I love fall.

  12. You’ve just reminded me I get to cuddle with BD tonight, and Mity tomorrow (although he doesn’t really cuddle) which has put a big smile on my face!!

    And picking up poo in leaves is the worst. Bet it doesn’t surprise you to find out that I struggle finding poop in leaves!