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Type a line. Stop to detach the puppy from your pants leg. Post a photo. Pick up the whining puppy for a quick potty break. Answer an email. Look for the puppy who is suspiciously quiet.

MacKenzie the puppy.

MacKenzie the puppy, shamelessly stolen from The Daily Dog Blog.

That’s what daily life looks like for Julie. And yet she occasionally finds a moment to share her love for her “furry, four-legged kids” at The Daily Dog Blog.

Daily Dog Blog

I’ve followed The Daily Dog Blog for a while. I’ve laughed with Julie over the mischief of her cat, Monkey. I’ve cried with her when her sweet girl, Cali, died this summer. And now I commiserate with her over her fuzzy, ball of cute, MacKenzie, making her just a little bit crazy.

Cali of the Daily Dog Blog.

Cali the grande dame of The Daily Dog Blog in a picture also shamelessly stolen.

Besides sharing her daily life with her pets in her blog, Julie also shares her talents as a designer with the blogging community. You may have seen her work in the Dogs of Blogville calendar, created as a fundraiser by Jodi of Heart Like a Dog. Julie took dozens of dog pictures and turned them into a beautiful way to remember our favorite dog blog friends even when we’re off-line.

Monkey at The Daily Dog Blog.

Monkey “helping.”

I love hanging with Julie and I bet you will too. Follow her on

And I bet you might even find a puppy picture or two.

Your Turn: Any puppy advice for Julie? Please leave it here or say hello over on her blog.

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  1. “Look for the puppy who is suspiciously quiet.” Lol, it’s always nice to have some peace and quiet with a puppy in the house, but that usually means they are in to something that they shouldn’t be, or napping. I don’t miss those days…

  2. Wonderful post! :) Advice? Have lots of teething toys available!

  3. Too much cuteness with MacKenzie!
    It’s been forever since we’ve had a puppy but the only advice I can remember is that puppy gates are a great investment!

  4. That MacKenzie is SO cute! I already left her my best puppy advice: A tired puppy is a good puppy! That and the tip to freeze an old washcloth/rag for shark-toothed puppy to chew on!

    • With Honey I made a mistake with the tired puppy advice. Sometimes she was overtired and absolutely insane. Then it was time to pop her into her crate so she could collapse in exhaustion.

  5. Love following blogs with folks that have puppies…never a dull moment.

  6. I have visited this blog a few times before! Her cat is quite the cutie. And puppies are awesome too :)

  7. Will definitely have to check that blog out, thanks for sharing:-)

  8. Great post. She did a beautiful job on the calendar. I have mine and love it.

  9. MacKenzie is one insanely adorable ball of fuzz. I look forward to seeing more photos of her as she grows, and to hearing Julie’s tales along the way! I’m in awe that Julie manages to get so much done with a puppy in the house – she’s seriously awesome. :)