The Best Soccer Players Have Four Legs and a Tail

Americans complain that soccer is boring.

But two playful pups have a suggestion: break up the non-action with a romp on the field.

It works for me:

American football has been drastically improved by Puppy Bowl. We’ve now seen the excitement puppies add to soccer. I’m waiting to see a kitty rugby scrum next.

What’s Wagging Next?

Honey the Golden Retriever and Layla the foster dog relax at home.

Seems to me, if you can’t work on the computer, you should be taking us somewhere fun.

1) I’m dealing with computer problems. To prepare for maintenance and repairs, I’m backing up my computers to the cloud, which limits my time online (the back up is taking all my bandwidth).

I look forward to catching up with all my favorite blogs and animal loving friends as soon as I finish the back-up and repairs.

2) Stories about the January Train Your Dog Month Challenge are rolling in. Read the stories in the linky list and add your own. I’ll be announcing the random winner of an animal welfare donation and prize back on Friday, February 8.

3) I’ll be reviewing a very special book in the Valentine’s edition of Pet Travel Tuesday at A Traveler’s Library on Tuesday, February 12. Stop by to learn all about Ella in Europe: An American Dog’s International Adventures.

4) I guess I’m not the only one who wishes she could find a local bar with all-you-can-eat appetizers and half price drinks during Puppy Bowl this Sunday. If that’s true, stop back tomorrow to learn how you can make the big Puppy Bowl event more social.

5) And finally, for those eager for foster dog news. Layla is fitting in just fine. After the usual stress of finding herself in a new place, she’s made herself at home with all her favorite behaviors: snuggling under the blankets, perching on the back of the sofa to watch the world go by, and sleeping by my feet while I’m on the computer. I’ll have more news about her next week.

What sporting event do you think would be improved by animals on the field? And don’t suggest birds at NASCAR–that’s just dangerous.



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  1. We used to have a soccer playing dog that lived with us. Hank was a super star goalie. He never let a ball get past him. And I like playing tennis myself.

  2. Maggie’s totally a soccer dog. We’ve got a little ‘trick’ we play where I shift from side to side before I kick the ball to her & she mimics me jumping from on side to side, perfectly mirroring which side I shift to. I think she enjoys our trick more than chasing after the actual soccer ball. I know I do!

  3. Glad Layla is settling in. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I think the dogs are right – you should take them out!
    I hope your computer issues get sorted smoothly.

  5. So wish we got puppy-bowl here

  6. I wish I could suggest that hockey would be improved by the addition of animals but I am not quite sure how that would work. Maybe I need to get some doggie-sized skates and start teaching Shiva? Baseball would certainly be a lot more interesting with some canines out on the field and most already have the catching skills!

    I am glad Layla is doing so well! I look forward to reading the details!

  7. Dex loves his soccer ball – great video! Wag on!

  8. So sorry to hear about your computer woes. I remember the day not to long ago when my computer wouldn’t even start and I about lost my sh….stuff.

    Cute video of the dogs, I wonder how they got there and who they belonged to and if you can bring your dogs to sporting events in other countries? If so, sign me up!

    I think animals could be included in just about every televised sport by having the commentators or the sports ‘stars’ showcase some furry friends in need for the area of the country they are in. What a nice way to give back, no?

    Can’t wait to hear more about Layla, I really wanted to take her for myself seeing after Labs, Beagles are my next love. :-)

  9. Well, MLBaseball has made a start with “Bark in the Park” days, but I think the dogs would have a blast running around the outfield — nothing so dull as the diamond please! — trying to out-run the players to see who can get to the ball first. We all know the dogs would win so let’s use softer balls that won’t break their teeth!!

  10. We’re sort of having computer issues too. Maybe we are sharing computer gremlins.

  11. Gizmo would make a great running back…he’s fast and has all the moves…and small enough to run between the tacklers legs :)

  12. I would actually watch sports if they could include dogs on the field! Tee-hee!


  13. Guess the pups just wanted to play 😀 I’d watch more soccer if there were “doggie” delays.

  14. get a few puppies running around and I will watch every game!