The Agility Dog Who Makes Everyone Smile

Sometimes I watch this video three or four times in a row. It makes me happy.

Just like it made everyone in the audience happy.

Watch it. You’ll see.

Was I right?

My favorite moment was at the 12-second mark. As the dog came out of the weave poles, he looked at his person. Did you catch it?

Train Your Dog Month Challenge

Honey the Golden Retriever runs in the snow.

So you’re saying bath time will be as much fun as zoomies in the snow?

My goal for the Train Your Dog Month Challenge is to make grooming more fun for Honey.

She’s very compliant. I don’t have to chase her around the house to get her in the tub. She sits quietly while I trim her nails. But she doesn’t look happy.

She does look happy when we’re shaping a behavior with a clicker to learn a new trick. So we’re adding tricks to our grooming.

I hope to show off our progress in a short video at the end of the month.

How are you doing on your Train the Dog Month Challenge? It’s not too late. Just grab the badge below, share your progress at the end of the month, and join the linky list so more people can find you.

One person will be picked at random to win a $25 donation to their favorite animal charity and a prize pack for themselves and their dog. Oh, and don’t forget the kitties, ferrets, guinea pigs, and birds. All are welcome in the challenge.

Grab my badge! Just copy the following into your widget bar:  
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Train Your Dog Challenge Badge.

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  1. That was GREAT!! You have to watch it more than once to catch everything he moves so FAST!! I noticed him checking out his person first time through :) what a good boy! Shiva’s Mom over at Rescued Insanity needs to see this!! LOL

  2. I’d never seen that video and loved it…My favorite is at about 8 seconds when he has that tunnel rolling over…Gizmo and I are doing well with his grooming…He still is not thrilled about the furminator, but he is loving the zoomgroom and after a session he’s giving me “the paw” to ask for more time…so grooming is becoming pleasant for him…we’ve also been wroking on “wait” during our morning walks and he’s gotten pretty solid with it…next up – “leave it”

  3. Crazy fast! What a great team they make! I also love that the dog is not just another Border Collie. Great to see a different breed out there, making it all look so easy!

  4. Wow!! my goodness that dog is FAST. He looked so please with himself when he finished. Gotta love a happy, fast dog!!

  5. That is some speed. What fun. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wow, that dog is so fast! The poor human gets quite a workout running around that ring :) I love to see dogs having fun! Cali absolutely dreads any type of grooming, she will suffer through it and then jump up and run away as soon as possible. I use a dremel on her nails because it used to take two of us (my hubby feeding her treats while I trimmed) when I did it with the clippers. She is more compliant, but still doesn’t enjoy it – she would much rather do zoomies in the snow!!

  7. What a great video. I don’t know who was having the better time, the dog, his owner, or me watching this.

    By the way – Honey is too smart to believe the caption of the picture of her in the snow.

  8. GREAT video – and yes, I did catch him look at his person but don’t know I would have had you not clued me in – he was just ZOOMING! What a fun team they looked to be – and thanks for sharing.

  9. That was one fast dog! And clearly lovin’ every minute of it. I’m just thankful Sage slows it down enough so I can stay up with her.

  10. That dog is amazingly fast and you can definitely see he loves it! I think he may have blown a few contacts, esp. that one on the teeter :-)

    To help with winter boredom, I am training Jimmy to do figure 8’s through my legs and to jump through a hoop I am holding. He loves to work so he picks up new things fast!