That Look Of Love – Wordless Wednesday

Every dog person knows that look of love…

Honey the golden retriever looks at a sandwich with love.

I do love you. But I love tuna fish more.

that comes when you eat a sandwich.

Your Turn: When do you see that look of love?

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  1. Martine says:

    It’s nice to know that ours aren’t the only dogs who use that ‘look of love’ lol. For that head over heels look, bacon gets them every time.

  2. LOL I know that look all too well!

  3. The Look of Love of Food is a hard one to ignore!

  4. At right about the same time. I get it from Jack at walk time too…he loves his walks.

  5. Haha, I get it from Buzz whenever his cherished, all-time favorite chuck-it ball comes out, and from Missy whenever I eat anything, really. She’s a devoted slave to her stomach 😉

    • Yes but the difference with the chuck-it ball is that Buzz probably can’t take his eyes off it. Unless you put it against your face, it’s tougher to mistake that loving look for being directed at you. :)

  6. Awww, isn’t it sweet how much they love you when you’re eating something extra tasty? 😉 Sam will actually listen to me whenever cheese is around. And he thinks that if he sits very very still and upright with impeccable posture without any drooling, he’ll get a bite or two or ten. BOL Happy Wednesday.

  7. Haley definitely gets a look of love with food, but there is a more meaningful or deeper look of love that she gives me every once in awhile when I’m giving her a massage or belly rub that tells me that she really loves me. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, it melts my heart! :)

  8. Those eyes say alot!

  9. LOL you don’t know what love is until you eat bacon in front of Kilo!

  10. We love a good Tuna sammich just like you too
    mommy pours off the tuna water into my dish.
    xo Cinnamon

  11. Rita is not the best begger. She almost gives me a look of contempt when I’m eating something. Unless it’s meat – then I get the look of love!

  12. We give out that look freely at dinnertime. The rest of the day not so much.

    • Heck, Emma, you’re such a busy dog between the blog and competitions I can’t imagine when you’d have time to just sit around and look at someone. :)

  13. LOL love it! Must be so hard to resist that face. :)

    • Well, not so much for me. I enjoy having a polite dog who doesn’t beg. But it’s pretty tough for my husband.

      At this time, I was eating too. And you can see where Honey ended up.

      Just remember, everything you encourage in your puppy will be with you for the rest of your dog’s life (or else really hard work to train her out of). :)

      I taught Honey to sit on a pillow in the kitchen by tossing her a morsel every so often as long as she stayed quiet. It made cooking much easier to have her away from my feet. And everyone’s really impressed how polite she is in the kitchen.

  14. Sandwiches are always a big win! But also when we pull in the driveway and Ruby pops up in the front window and sees us – big look of love!

  15. Ah, that sweet look on a Golden’s face when you have people food! Sam gets it more than I do because I’m — according to Sam — paranoid about setting off Ducky’s IBD again. DUHHHHHH. I don’t ever want her to suffer like that again, so I won’t take chances with the people food that used to trigger it before. Why do men have to be so damn obstinate?!!

  16. When I have either ice cream or cheese. Go figure, my boys are dairy addicts.