Teach a Dog to Drive; Get That Dog a Home

I love a clever idea.

And someone at the Mini car company had a clever idea involving their charitable partner, the New Zealand SPCA: What if you could prove shelter dogs are just as smart as dogs from breeders by, oh, I don’t know, teaching them to drive a car?

Just watch.

I can’t stop grinning.

Honey the Golden Retriever is trash talking.

Those New Zealand dogs have nothing on me. I learned how to ride a bike cart. And I don’t even have to work the pedals.

You can read all about the plan at the New Zealand Herald. And you’ll find more videos in The Driving Dogs playlist.

One caution. If you live in Nova Scotia, be on the look out for a driving Shiva. Because I don’t see how Kristine from Rescued Insanity could ever pass up this challenge.

Do you think this idea will increase shelter dog adoptions in New Zealand? Could your dog learn to drive?

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  1. That video is making the rounds and every time I see it I love it…Not sure if dogs “should” drive, but they sure are fun to watch…and anything that helps them find a home is fine with me

    • And it’s probably not doing the Mini company any harm either. I suspect they’re trying to topple Subaru as the dog lover’s car choice. :)

  2. Rumpy could learn to drive, but then I’d always have to hide the keys… and my credit card.

    • Bwa ha ha!

      My husband was worried about Honey stealing our banking password info. He thinks she’s planning to buy a plane ticket to New Zealand. :)

  3. I think Morgan could definitely learn to drive, because she’s that determined and it would aid in her war on rabbits. Bunny could if she wanted to, but she prefers having a driver. She and Mo would take off like Thelma and Louise, wreaking mayhem along the way, only parking the car back in the driveway at the end instead of driving off a cliff.

    Of all the dogs I know most likely to start driving, though, I’d have to say Shiva is on the top of my list, too!

    The video has gotten so much attention that I don’t see how it could NOT get more adoptions to happen.

    • I can so see Morgan and Bunny in the front seat of a splashy convertible. Please tell me you’ll add that to your list of potential photo shoots some day. :)

  4. We saw that on the news yesterday. I’m thinking my dogs might go someplace when they are bored. But then, Torrey never leaves my side.

  5. Heck, I didn’t realise this was going viral world wide! The results will be on TV on Monday night here in New Zealand. It will be very interesting viewing. I think it’s an awesome campaign and wouldn’t it be wonderful if it helped shelter dogs everywhere:)

    I can’t imagine Beryl learning to drive, much more Princess-like to have a chauffer. But Frankie is my very dedicated co-pilot and I’m sure he would love to be able to drive the car to give me a break …. and so he could go to the beach every day:)

  6. So cute! I bet once Subaru gets wind of this they’ll want those pups to be in their next car commercial.

    It would be very dangerous if Rita learned to drive, because she would take off for the beach without me every morning. (She gets a little impatient waiting for me to get dressed and ready to go!) I can see me running down the street after her every morning…

  7. Ha! I bet they drive better than some of our Oregon drivers 😉 I don’t think Cali would be interested, she likes to snooze in the car! I can totally see Kristine teaching Shiva to drive! I can’t wait to see the videos :)