Taking a Doggy Ride in Stride

Day 10,941: Honey still hates the Doggy Ride bicycle cart.

Actually, I’m exaggerating. It’s only day 10,939.

Still I hope that some day we’ll see Honey doing this.

However, it’s not as though Honey has never ridden in the cart. She’s just not relaxed or happy there. And she doesn’t go in willingly.

Golden Retriever Puppy in Doggy Ride bicycle cart

Ok, I'm in. Can I go home now?


Golden Retriever trying to exit Doggy Ride Bicycle cart

Ok, I think I'd like to leave now.


Golden Retriever Puppy in Doggy Ride Bicycle Cart


I don’t even remember taking these pictures. I assume we aborted the trip because Honey was very unhappy once we started.

But she’s been in the cart before. I have photographic evidence.


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  1. Wow…that guy’s in shape and his dawggie does look like he’s enjoying the view, too! My cats reall like their stroller and I have some hiking friends that have that same bike cart and they take their cats from time to time…Your photographic proof and captions are perfect!

  2. I wonder what she dislikes about it. The small space? Getting in and out? The bumpiness of the ride? Maybe she’d like it better if she could poke her head out. I know G is happier in the car when she can stick her head out the window.

    Can’t open your vid on the mob. Will watch it tomorrow 😉 Nighty night x

  3. Now I didn’t think his dog looked too thrilled riding in there, he was panting and sort of looking like he wasn’t comfortable, but maybe that was because there was a camera crew in his face. :-0

    Do you have blankets inside? Maybe having it act more like her crate? I’m sure there is nothing I could suggest that you haven’t already tried. I would say just keep working on it, one day it will be the day!

  4. My dogs hate anything new or anything where they can’t understand the technology involved. Have you tried priming the cart with something tasty…like a whole ham?

  5. Like GLP, I’m wondering what it is about the cart that Honey doesn’t like. If it’s the enclosed space, there’s nothing really you can do about that. But if you could identify the cause, like maybe the bumpiness of the ride, you could at least figure out if it’s something you could adjust for her. Do you have any idea?

    She doesn’t look thrilled, though, does she?

  6. I’m so sorry Honey is still not loving the cart. I would be so frustrated in your position. Doesn’t she know it’s for her own good? Doesn’t she see how adorable she looks peeking out? It sucks especially because you have been doing all the right things! You’ve been so patient and understanding and haven’t pushed her at all! I know Honey will ride happily (or more happily) in the cart one day; I guess it’s just going to take longer than I expected.

    If it makes you feel any better, I am not 100% positive the dog in the video was completely thrilled either. He or she was giving off some basic stress signals like panting and yawning. The dog may have been warm but I doubt he was feeling sleepy.

  7. Now, you would think that doggies would LOVE this, right? Who knows, maybe they would rather be running along beside you instead of looking through the screening – if only they could talk :) Good luck with getting Honey acclimated!!

  8. Its too bad that you can’t get her in it long enough to get her to a place she might reeeaaaallly like. Then you could branch out from there.

  9. oh, yes, a very short ride to a bakery…:) – she would like a bagel!