Take Your Dog to Work – Schmitty the Weather Dog Goes Sailing

Boats are starting to appear on the docks at our community sailing center. And the wind we’ve been getting lately has been terrible for bicycling but makes me yearn for a sailboat.

These two factors have gotten me trolling the internet for sailing video so I sail vicariously until the sailing center opens in mid-May.

During my search, I found a bunch of videos by a crazy dog person who has figured out how to take his dog to work with him by making her part of his cutesy weatherman schtick. Schmitty doesn’t look too happy about her role. But her person seems to be having a blast.

And what about this one? Does it look to you like Schmitty is wishing she was a Rottweiler?

What do you think? Would you act like an idiot on television if it allowed you to bring your dog to work? And what about Schmitty? Does it look like she enjoys being on camera?

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  1. No, she doesn’t look happy at all. She looks like an accessory. It’s a pretty kooky idea for a weather report and quite pointless I think. Is she famous over there?

  2. It’s great when you can take your dog to work in an environment that the dog loves and can have some fun. There are lots of places where it can work out great. I’m super lucky that I work from home and get to have fun with Kelly while I’m procrastinating!

  3. Being a meteorologist is pretty competitive but I’ve never seen one this goofy. Smitty seems to be the only one with any sense.

  4. Poor Schmitty. She doesn’t look particularly thrilled, more just resigned. I imagine she has to put up with a lot of her silly human’s antics. I assume he makes it worth worth her while by smothering her with treats. Once again I am stunned by the tolerance of dogs. People wouldn’t put up with half the things they do.

    I am technically allowed to bring my dog to work with me on occasion but have yet to do so for obvious reasons. 😛

  5. I am slowly turning Hurley into a circus clown with all the tricks we learn. I have so much fun with them and he absolutely loves to show off! I’m very glad he’s the sort of dog that enjoys our antics. Even when he sighs at me or half does something and gives me that “isn’t this good enough” look, I’m pretty sure it’s all for show and he’s enjoying it as much as our customers do.

  6. Who are we kidding, yes I probably would act like an idiot on television if I had my dog with me. I have brought my dogs to work a few times, but it is generally more of a pain then anything else. Delilah runs around and inspects everyone’s garbage can, helping herself to anything she can find. To keep her from doing this I have to gate off my area. :-( The nice thing is there is a nice trail right next to the building so I can get them out and running within a minute or so.

    Sampson is fine, he just says hello to everyone and settles down.

    Poor Schmitty doesn’t look like she enjoys it at all and if I’m being truthful, that weatherman is pretty obnoxious (IMO) and I probably wouldn’t watch him, even with a cute dog.

  7. I’ve seen Schmitty before… I’m with Jodi, and I think I’d prefer to keep the dog and ditch the weatherman. :)

  8. I don’t think Schmitty really likes him . . .maybe it’s because he is so frantic! Cali came to work with me several times – but she was bored with me and preferred to visit everyone else in the office. She would wait until I was on the phone and then sneak out of my office when I wasn’t looking! Then I’d have to go and track her down :) Silly dog! Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done!

  9. Seems us dogs are prominent in all sorts of media lately. I recently heard that 10% of all new Facebook profiles generated in the UK was of a family pet. And I dunno about where you live, but here in the Southeastern US it seems there’s a dog in most every commercial on TV (far more dogs than people of color for sure!).

    So we get people’s attention (see my blog????). But is that helping us any? I sure hope so.

  10. LOL! We’ve met Ron and Schmitty a couple of times and he’s not nearly so goofy when the camera’s not running. Schmitty is very tolerant and is constantly being dressed up in different costumes. I’m really lucky to be able to take Buster and Ty to work every day – and I’d do pretty much anything to keep it that way.