Take Your Dog To Work Day – 8 Tips To Make It Work

Honey started working with me when she was eight weeks old. She was the best office mate I’ve ever had.

Today is the sixteenth anniversary of Take Your Dog To Work Day. Here’s insider information on what it’s really like to take your dog to work.

Honey the golden retriever puppy goes to work.

It’s my first day at work. What time is lunch?

Ask your boss before bringing your dog to work for the first time. Outline a plan for how you’ll manage any issues that come up.

And then hope he doesn’t blame you when everyone else starts bringing their dogs to work without doing the same thing.

Bring a crate so your dog has a safe and comfortable place to rest during the day.

It’s a great place to put your puppy when she has chewed up your third pencil in twenty minutes.

Golden retriever puppy in a crate.

Hide the crate in a quiet and discreet part of your office.

Because you won’t believe how hard it is to show someone how to fix their credit report once they notice the puppy and ask, “Can I hold her?”

Hold outdoor meetings when coworkers want to run something buy you.

When a pup’s gotta go, a pup’s gotta go.

Learn to type with one hand so you can keep the pup from falling off your lap with the other.

Hey, there’s gotta be some loss of efficiency. And unless you’re a surgeon, no one is going to die because you’re working one-handed.

Honey the golden retriever puppy rides her bike cart to work.

Work’s okay. But the commute is a real bitch.

Get ready to be the most popular person in the office as coworkers suddenly remember projects they need to consult with you about.

Don’t let your self-esteem drop too low when you realize no one really wants to talk to you at all with a puppy behind your desk.

Come early to work or stay late.

You’ll need to find some way to make up the time you miss working because you’re tending to the puppy every half hour.

Arrange to work at home at least some of the time.

Because once you’ve shared your office with a dog, you’ll hate working any other way.

Honey the golden retriever sits on the table.

What do you mean when the puppy is big enough to climb on the table it’s time for her to go home?

Taking Honey to work as a puppy gave her rock solid house training and people skills. If your boss, you, and your pup are up to it, I definitely recommend you take your dog to work.

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Your turn: Have you ever taken your dog to work? How did it work for you?




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  1. BOL – I love Honey on the table. I was only able to bring Harley to work (didn’t have Leo at the time) and all he did was tear up paper from the trash under my desk. He loved it then and continues to be the best four legged shredder ever! Great tips – thanks for sharing!

  2. In Germany Katie went to work every day and loved it. No crate, she just hung out in the office and had her spot if someone came in. When I came along I didn’t have time for a place like the office. I made a huge mess every day, so Mom quit going to the office. Now she works from home most of the time, so we are together, but sometimes she goes to the office and takes one of us with her too. We all have office manners so it isn’t a problem.

  3. Lucky enough to work from home for the last ten years. Not only is it great having my dogs with me everyday…I don’t think I could ever goo back to that routine.

  4. The best tip is “ask your boss.” I worked at a company once where three people brought in their dogs without asking and were shocked when they were told to take their dogs home. Even worse, one person just put her dog in a locked car, windows cracked, for the afternoon (in June). She was allowed to go home early that day.

    I wish I could take our dogs to work, but the trip is too long and they day would be too long. So I take the day off and work from home :)

    Hope YOU had a lovely day :)

  5. You are so lucky, the only time I made an inquiry about bringing my dog to work (as my mother was in hospital and Mity has never been left alone all day in his life) I was told no. Which really pissed me off as other people have been allowed and I asked for one off special consideration!

  6. We don’t have the type of place that will let you do this, BUT I have on occasion when I had the need for it, brought one or both dogs into work. For me the challenge is blocking off my area so Delilah doesn’t go tearing through the office nosing through garbage cans. :-)

    BTW I love your captions.