Take a Hit. This Puppy Addiction Won’t Hurt a Bit.

Foster Puppy Layla poses with Honey the Golden Retriever.

What do those puppies have that we don’t got?

I’ll let you in on a family secret.

My sister is a pusher. And she’s dealing puppy crack.

My Puppy Addiction

In 2005 she put a Puppy Bowl DVD into my hands. And I’ve been addicted ever since.

Since then, I’ve collected more Puppy Bowl DVD action. I’ve even tried the harder stuff, Puppy Games, in 2008.

I know some of you know what I’m talking about. You too call your local bars to see if anyone is hosting a Puppy Bowl party. You check out the line-up on the web so you can decide who to root for. And you wonder if the commercials will be as good as the puppy game action.

I have good news: there’s a new delivery method that allows you to get an even stronger puppy hit. It’s an app you can use on your Android or iOS device to watch extra goodies when the Puppy Bowl airs nationally on February 3 at 3 p.m. You can go right to the iTunes store to download it (http://blogp.ws/Wxa8ia).

While you watch the broadcast, or even when it’s re-aired in your market, you can enjoy the trivia, interactive games, polls, and  other fun goodies to increase the puppy goodness.

And this is one way to feed your addiction with no bad side effects.

Watch the Big Game for the Ads

I know. Some of you aren’t sports fans.

You couldn’t care less who crosses the end zone and don’t understand the penalties.

You’re in luck.

Subaru is sponsoring Puppy Bowl. And I don’t think their Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ commercials will disappoint. Check out this teaser:

See? Plenty of puppies for everyone. Whether you like the hard stuff or are just experimenting with a dog habit.

Subaru - Dog Tested. Dog Approved.Relax. Puppy Breath is Good for You.

I’ve seen no bad effects from my 7 year Puppy Bowl addiction.

No extreme weight loss. It hasn’t hurt my family relationships (my sister and I are closer than ever). I haven’t developed any health problems.

And the puppies in the bowl come from rescues and shelters with regular reminders throughout the game to adopt your next pet.

So I guess this is one addiction I can enjoy without guilt.

Will you?

Which is the Big Game in your house? The Super Bowl? Or Puppy Bowl?

This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being paid to spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Something Wagging This Way Comes only shares news about companies and products that meet my advertising and PR guidelines.

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  1. I’m a sucker for those Puppy Bowls too! Even my cats enjoy the half-time entertainment! LOL Happy Weekend!

  2. Oh ya, puppy breath. We are excited for the big puppy bowl too.

  3. Can’t wait for the puppy bowl!

  4. Do you ever get the feeling that there’s something besides puppy bowl happening that day? We have this odd sensation that not everyone is watching what we are…go figure.

  5. The 49ers finally made it to the Super Bowl and there is NOTHING that could drag me away from one minute of the game or the hype..not even puppies.

  6. Every year I’m so depressed that we don’t have Animal Planet so I can watch the Puppy Bowl, but I’m going to try to find a way to watch at least some of it this year. I’ve played with the app a little bit, and it’s pretty darned cool!

    I am in love with that commercial, and the one with the dog and the calculator!

  7. OK – I want a Subaru but I’m also a puppy addict; no Super Bowl for us – it’s Puppy Bowl all the way plus the commercials on Hulu (no football, just the commercials, thank you! Feb. 3 – and no sponsorship to me, just an FYI).

    I still remember watching Matilda the Beagle win MVP (most valuable puppy) after scoring at least 3 “touchdowns,” back in Puppy Bowl V (I think it was that one).
    Interesting to see Subaru using the pet blog community this year; they do have quality cars and seem sincere in their dog focus.

    Yes, the puppies, all but 4 last I read, are all adopted from their respective shelters. Every year, I get an invite to try out but rarely have a puppy of the right age and never the funds to travel to NY for the tryouts.

    Go, puppies, kittens (half-time), hamsters (Blimp) and tailgaters (more puppies).

    • If you’re game, maybe we should start a campaign to ask the Puppy Bowl to create an old-timers event for adult, adoptable dogs. Baseball makes a big deal of its retired players at special events. Why not Puppy Bowl?

      I’d love to see a Silverwalk Hound doing commentary. :)

  8. Trev and I love the Puppy Bowl too!!!!

  9. We will have two TV’s showing the Super Bowl during our party, but my iPad will be featuring the Puppy Bowl – I can’t wait!!

  10. Who cares about humans on a football field?! It’s Puppy Bowl all the way at our house!

  11. Ha ha….I can’t believe you convinced me to click on a COMMERCIAL. :-) One of the perks of not having cable is that I don’t have to watch them. Nice to have the choice though. (BTW – it WAS cute.)


  1. […] a little partial). But you know what just may be more adorable than these two? Puppy Bowl! Pamela explores her addiction to the annual Animal Planet programming. For the record, we will be watching the football game at our house, but we always skip the […]