Dogs Decorate Christmas Tree – Oldie But Goodie

This is the first video I saw of dogs decorating a Christmas and it may be the best. A Hungarian dog training school put this video together two years ago. What do you think? If we start working on it with Honey today, will be we ready to shoot our video next Christmas?

It All Comes Down to Dog Poop–Even for the President

My friend K sent a link to this very amusing video. I love political spoofs and I adore Gilbert and Sullivan. What does this have to do with a dog blog? I’m just saying you may have more in common with the President than you think. Great job, Ronnie Butler!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who’s the Best Trained Dog of All – Mirror Method of Dog Training

I loved the video in my Tue Cute Tuesday post so much I had to learn more about the Hungarian Mirror Method of Dog Training. Since I don’t speak Hungarian this provided a challenge. But the dog training club promoting this method has done this nifty video with English subtitles. It’s a great reminder of […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Life’s a Beach

Over at All Dog Blog, I found this wonderful clip. You see, I’m taking Honey to the beach next week. And I need a vacation so bad I can taste it! This made the waiting a little less painful.

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