Pamela is a Bad, Bad Blogger (Making Amends Edition #4)

When our friends at Kol’s Notes passed the Kreativ Blogger award to Something Wagging This Way Comes, they said I was under no obligation to pass it along. Don’t you love people who say nice things about you and want nothing in return? Paying it Forward So if I’ve gotten permission to rest on my laurels, […]

What Does Your Dog Call You?

Honey is not my baby. And I am not her “mommy.” Honestly. Recently someone noticed how Honey liked to carry a red Kong in her mouth. I replied, “Yes, her mother does too.” They stared at me blankly for several long seconds before I realized what was going on and said, “Y’know, her birth mom. […]

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week (And Thank the People Who Help Un-Adoptable Pets Find Homes)

Today is the last day of Petfinder’s Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week. This is their campaign to bring attention to the many pets who may wait a long time for their forever homes–because of special medical needs, old age, and even their color or breed. Many wonderful pet bloggers have posted this week on […]

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