My Neglected Dog

The universe is conspiring against me and my dog. Yeah, I’m really busy and my dog Honey would have to be dealing with that anyway. But the extreme cold is making things even worse. Can I really blame winter for my neglected dog?

A Sign Of Things To Come?

Do you know what Honey is standing in front of and what it means? Shhhh, people from New England, mountain regions, the midwest, Canada, and upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Let’s see if the folks from Florida and California and other warm spots can figure it out on their own. These markers appeared on every hydrant […]

Winter is Coming – Wordless Wednesday

The dogs of the dog days of summer must be huskies. Because we recently saw nighttime temperatures of 48°F/9°C. In August! Is it time to say goodbye to this? And to get ready for this? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  

Ready for Summer

I’ve hit the February wall. Biking home from work in the snow last night was it. I’m entering warm weather fantasy land. How about you?

10 Ways Dogs Help You Survive Winter

The days are getting shorter. The weather is getting colder. How will I ever make it through another winter? Oh, yeah, I forgot. I have a dog. I’ll be fine. Winter Survival – Doggy Style If you have a dog, you’ll have everything you need to get through a long, cold winter: Foot Warmer – No […]

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