What’s Next After Loose Leash Walking?

As someone who has struggled with pulling dogs, I know what a big accomplishment it is to walk your dog with a loose leash. But once you master that advanced skill, what’s next? (This post contains affiliate links.)

Errands With The Dog

Like many people, I take my dog with me when I run weekend errands. We dropped off books for the library book sale. Stopped by the credit union to deposit a pay check. Checked out a new store downtown. Oh look. They have pet sympathy cards. I’ll have to remember that. Bought the weekend paper. […]

Wordless Wednesday – Honey Walks Naked

We expect so much from our dogs. Don’t forage for food Greet people calmly Remain quiet when the UPS guy arrives at the door We’re lucky they don’t crack up under the strain. That’s why I try to give Honey time to walk off-leash every day. Well, not quite off leash. I let her drag […]

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