Wacky Pet Products: Dog Walking Coat?

Unlike neuticles, pet paint, and turd burglars, the K-Rosco Dog Walking Utility Jacket sounds great from the very beginning. Well, why should I tell you about it? Watch the video: Pretty awesome, huh? So why is this coat featured in a Wacky Pet Products post? The price. This coat costs $270. Or $290 if you […]

Wacky Pet Products: Pet Paint

At BlogPaws, I saw a new pet product to join the illustrious list that includes Neuticles, a Doggy Chastity Belt, and the Turd Burglar. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Pet Paint. The dogs who accompanied these sponsors didn’t seem to mind being painted. And they were certainly eye-catching. Pet Paint is not yet available in […]

Wacky Pet Products: The Dog Chastity Belt

Talk to anyone involved in animal rescue and it won’t be long before sex comes up. Yes, dogs and cats need good homes. But eventually everyone gets back to the big topic: preventing unwanted litters. Spay before you play. Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me regularly posts in her Spay and Neuter with […]

Wacky Pet Products – The Turd Burglar

Here’s a question for my Canadian friends: What could possibly make hockey more fun? Why adding dog turds, of course. The fling is the thing Simply scooping dog poop is not exciting enough. And where’s the enjoyment in the old wrap-your-hand-in-plastic-and-pick-it-up? Even the seldom-tried method of creating a snowball with a disgusting tootsie roll center […]

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