The Best Gift You’ll Ever Give…Or Get – Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange 2014

Of course it’s nice to get a thoughtful present. Or to come home to find your house transformed into a holiday wonderland, like the people belonging to the dogs in the video below. But I think the best gift ever is when someone says nice things about you. And that’s the idea behind the Third […]

How Do YOU Abuse YOUR Dog?

Did you laugh when you saw Daisy and Cooper getting ice cream at McDonald’s? If you’re one of the six people in the world who hasn’t seen this viral video, check out the footage: Not everyone found it funny. If you read the comments under the video, you’ll find plenty of people accusing Cooper’s people […]

Which Trick Should I Teach My Dog?

I got a great deal on liver at the supermarket. Now I have a huge container of liver jerky and I gotta find some way to use it. I know. I’ll teach Honey a new trick. That will take our supply down really fast. But what should I teach her? Luckily, Koby and his person […]

Who’s Having More Fun – Wordless Wednesday

Who is Having More Fun? The Dog? Or the Man? Cast Your Vote. Who had more fun? Mike or Honey?

Overhearing Stories, With One About Four Dogs in a Boat

I love the stories of people’s lives. One of my life’s highlights was an overnight bus trip from North Carolina to Pennsylvania. I spent hours eavesdropping, learning the stories of the people around me. The driver and the elderly woman in the front seat gossiped about  African-American high society in Wilmington, NC. The young Native […]

Step in Before It’s Too Late – Inspiring Second Chance Video

Sure, late is better than never. But wouldn’t it be great if we stepped in to help before things got too bad? Jail Dogs in 1C, Webisode 5 The earlier you can help someone (human or canine) at risk, the more successful you’ll be. That’s one of the reasons this inmate dog training program, set […]

Introducing the Web Series That Will Leave You Begging For More

If the successes of Downton Abbey or Girls are any indication, I’m not the only person who loves following a continuing story. But my new favorite is better than either of them. I’ve recently discovered a series of webisodes that bring drama, hope, conflict, joy and most of all, love to the small screen. Oh […]

I’d Rather Have Sand in My Fur

While sniffing out just the right video to share this morning, I came across a series that was hopeful, inspiring, and beautifully shot and edited. While I’m waiting to hear if the filmmaker will give me permission to feature her videos on my site, I guess I’ll go to the beach. I’m just about ready […]

The Most Fun Way to Tire Your Dog

The snow hasn’t started yet. But the doomsayers of local weather tell us it’s coming. If you live in the Northeast or New England, does this mean your dog will get less exercise this weekend? Does a walk seem like too much trouble when it involves hip waders to get through the snow? It doesn’t […]

Rescue Dogs Show Off at Crufts

Crufts, Meet Scruffts Some of the best dogs in the world never knew their fathers. Rescue dogs bring heart, hope, and even speed to one of the largest dog shows in the world when they show off their agility skills. I don’t usually post such long videos on Friday. But you’ll find inspiring pups all […]

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