Why I Don’t Take Pictures At The Vet

Honey did the cutest thing at the vet last week. I know you would have gotten a kick out of seeing it. But I don’t have a single image. Sorry. I don’t take pictures at the vet.

Guilt Goes To The Vet

I’m a good enough dog person that I never miss Honey’s annual wellness vet visit. But I’m a bad enough dog person that she doesn’t look as sparkly as she should. Guilt goes to the vet.

The Tale of the Extrovert Puppy

My friend’s Facebook posts about comforting her dog who was recovering from surgery took me back to Honey’s operation as a puppy. But I was no comfort to my dog. Darn extrovert puppy.

5 Reasons I Rely on My Vet in a DIY World

Thanks to the internet, you can: learn how to castrate your dog (don’t; it’s terribly cruel) diagnose animal illnesses buy home vaccinations “prevent” and “cure” disease and regulate your pet’s diet. So why does anyone bother going to the vet? Here are the 5 reasons I take my dog Honey to the vet for her […]

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