Tue Cute Tuesday – Primped and Pretty for BlogPaws

In the more than 20 years I’ve had dogs, I’ve never been to a professional groomer. As I noted yesterday, I’ve always had low-maintenance dogs–an occasional bath, a brush and a nail trim was all I ever had to do. Reluctant Groom I’ve been ambivalent about going to a groomer. And reading about the recent […]

Tue Cute (ahem, Tue Ferocious) Tuesday

Today I came across two videos of dogs that are tue tough to be real. First, Sharon (with help from Cleo) over at Cleo’s Day posted a fun video of two Australian dogs swimming with (and herding?) sharks. Georgia Lil Pea, don’t get any ideas.     And finally, a chihuahua who thinks he’s a […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Fuzzy Belly

My husband loves carrying Honey around. He picks her up, carries her around, cuddles her on his lap. I wonder if he thinks it’s more macho if your lap dog weighs 50 pounds?

Tue Cute Tuesday – The Blogger’s Friend

Every morning I get up at five o’clock to write my morning’s blog post for Hands on Home Buyer (and Something Wagging if I’m really fast). And every morning, Honey picks up her nearest toy, and follows me to the office–where she promptly falls back to sleep.

Tue Cute Tuesday – Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Tue Cute Tuesday – Honey Prefers French Cuisine

We’ve been giving unique names to all of Honey’s toys. If we ask her to get a specific toy, Honey’s getting good at returning with it. The hardest part is naming all the toys. This is Duck L’Orange.

Tue Cute Tuesday – Ethical Purchasing is Also Cute

One of my quirks is that I think everyone should be paid a living wage for their work–enough to support them in the basic necessities of life and a little bit to allow them to get ahead. Because of that I try to avoid buying products likely to come from sweatshops. I buy all my […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – No Winter Maintenance

Tue Cute Tuesday – The Halloween Edition

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