Trick Training for Fitness

In the recent heat, Honey is a wilting flower.     Instead of spending her day upstairs on my down comforter, Honey stays downstairs, under a ceiling fan, and lies on the cool wooden floor. She seeks out the floor fan so much I’m continually combing knots out of the fur behind her ears. When […]

Which Trick Should I Teach My Dog?

I got a great deal on liver at the supermarket. Now I have a huge container of liver jerky and I gotta find some way to use it. I know. I’ll teach Honey a new trick. That will take our supply down really fast. But what should I teach her? Luckily, Koby and his person […]

I Blame Canada for Making Me Turn (to) Tricks

I hope you’re happy. You damn cheese-eating Canadian, you. It wasn’t enough that you wanted to teach your dog tricks. You had to make me want to also. I’d curse you, Kristine Tonks…. If I wasn’t having so much fun. Why I Hate Dog Tricks I like dogs. I like them as dogs. Not babies. Not […]

Elee the Shiba Inu’s Trick and Treat

Shiba Inus have a reputation for being hard to train. Apparently Elee likes surprising people, because this is one tricky Shiba Inu. The secret, according to Elee’s person Delphine, “is to make it FUN FUN FUN for the dog and for you!” Does Elee look like she’s having fun to you?   Have you ever […]

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