Take Your Dog To Work Day – 8 Tips To Make It Work

Honey started working with me when she was eight weeks old. She was the best office mate I’ve ever had. Today is the sixteenth anniversary of Take Your Dog To Work Day. Here’s insider information on what it’s really like to take your dog to work. Ask your boss before bringing your dog to work for the first time. Outline […]

Take Your Dog to Work – Schmitty the Weather Dog Goes Sailing

Boats are starting to appear on the docks at our community sailing center. And the wind we’ve been getting lately has been terrible for bicycling but makes me yearn for a sailboat. These two factors have gotten me trolling the internet for sailing video so I sail vicariously until the sailing center opens in mid-May. […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Honey Goes Back to Work

Take Your Dog to Work Day – Every Day

Honey has been going to work with me since she was 8 weeks old. She’ll be 15 weeks old tomorrow. I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned that might help someone else looking to do the same thing. Invest in infrastructure. As you can see, Honey has her very own apartment in my […]

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