Wet Dog Smell in Aromaround

I told my friend Glenda that I was pushing Cape May, New Jersey as the best city for pet travelers and was locked in a hot battle with Seattle, Washington for the title. Glenda’s no fool. She asked, “Doesn’t it rain all the time there? Who wants to visit a city that smells like wet […]

Can You Vacation with a Reactive Dog (without pooping in the woods)?

The Best City for Pet Traveler’s competition over at the Go Pet Friendly blog has been lots of fun. But some of you are reading about pet-friendly cities and saying to yourselves, “Take my dog to a beach with a hundred other dogs? Or expect him to sit quietly under a restaurant table while strangers […]

Kicking Butt and Taking Names – Trash Talkin’ Round 2

Bringing out the beast. Yes, I usually try to see both sides of every issue. I urge reasoned discourse. And I hate conflict. But the Best City for Pet Traveler’s brackets over at Take Paws, the Go Pet Friendly blog, has stirred up my competitive juices. Maybe it’s all those years watching my office get […]

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