Do Dogs Compare Themselves To Other Dogs?

A human who is perfectly happy can become miserable when they compare themselves to another human. Does it happen to dogs? Do they compare themselves to other dogs?

She Swims!

Last week, an intrepid photography caught grainy footage of what could only be a monster swimming in the Assawoman bay. But now we discover that was no monster. That was Honey!

Teaching A Golden Retriever To Swim

What kind of crazy person would move onto a boat with a golden retriever who doesn’t swim? You’ve been asking yourself that, right? Hopefully yesterday’s brief, shaky video evidence has reassured you that we’re not planning to drown Honey.

Mysterious Creature Of The Deep

Scotland has Nessie. The Chesapeake Bay has Chessie. We recently discovered our own little monster in the Assawoman Bay. If we can convince anyone she exists, should we call her “Assie?”

What My Golden Retriever Taught Me About Who I Really Am

What do you think of when someone mentions a golden retriever? Friendly. Silky, blond coat. Loves to swim, right? Well, not my Honey. At least for the last one. Somehow she never got the memo telling her that goldens love the water. Luckily, we love her for the dog she is. And not just the […]

5 Reasons to Teach Your Dog To Swim (and 4 Not To)

Ever since Honey was a puppy, I hoped she would swim. But she just wasn’t interested. Finally, this weekend, she paddled a short distance and I was overjoyed. Why is it so important that my dog know how to swim? 1. I want company. I love to swim. My husband sinks like a rock. Is […]

Stay Open to New Things – Good for the Dog; Good for You

One phrase pisses me off—”I hate.” Someone once said to me, “I hate cheese.” How could a lactose-tolerant American reject a food product with thousands of varieties? Saying “I hate” closes us off. It stops us from seeing the good in something. I avoid saying it. And I’m glad Honey doesn’t say it either. Honey […]

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