Why Do Some Dogs Get Under Our Skin?

Of course we love all our dogs. But with some dogs, things are different. Our relationship is special. Let’s fact it. Some dogs just get under our skin more. Why?

Who’d Make a Better Leader, You or Your Dog? – Take the Survey

The United States is the latest country choosing its leader following Iceland, Russia, France, Madagascar, Venezuela… As I’ve watched the proceedings of our own election, I sometimes ask myself: “Can’t we do better than this?” I’d Rather Vote for my Dog In college, I was very interested in politics. I even considered some day running […]

Doggy Decorating Dilemmas – The Results Are In

Interior Design by Honey the Golden Retriever Every morning, we move Honey’s crate. It’s the only way my husband can open his dresser drawers. Tumbleweeds of dog hair blow across the prairie of our staircase. Our beautiful duvet, handcrafted in India, is covered with an old sheet to keep from being covered in fur. Are […]

Doggy Decorating Dilemmas – Take a Survey and Share

My sister recently bought an innovative carpet because I told her how perfect it was for a house with pets. It got me thinking. How do other people balance having a nice house and pets? Or have they given up? I’m dying to know what you think. Take a brief (5 question) survey by clicking […]

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