10 Tips To Take Your Dog from Homebody to Adventure Pup

Do you fantasize about living a Subaru commercial? Fit, active person hops into car with Adventure Dog by her side. Spends a perfect, sunny day frolicking in the surf or admiring the view from a mountain lookout. Everyone returns home tired but happy. But what if your dog’s idea of a travel adventure is going […]

Mom, Her Tail’s On My Side

How do you vacation with a dog who snarls and threatens every strange dog or person who walks by? Take up camping. A Car Not Made for Camping I’m nothing if not frugal. So when we decided to try camping with our first dogs, Agatha and Christie, I bought used sleeping bags and gear at […]

Take a Hit. This Puppy Addiction Won’t Hurt a Bit.

I’ll let you in on a family secret. My sister is a pusher. And she’s dealing puppy crack. My Puppy Addiction In 2005 she put a Puppy Bowl DVD into my hands. And I’ve been addicted ever since. Since then, I’ve collected more Puppy Bowl DVD action. I’ve even tried the harder stuff, Puppy Games, […]

Are You a Dog Lover? Or Just a Sucker?

Subaru has done it again. They’ve made another commercial in their Dog Tested, Dog Approved series. And this time, they take the sentimental approach instead of the silly. I’m pretty cynical about marketing. And I don’t even own a car. But I have to admit, the advertisers and executives at Subaru who approved this campaign […]

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