Dog Stuff vs Human Stuff

Less time for visiting my friends online. Less time for having fun. Less time for playing with my dog. All because I have too much stuff to get rid of before I sell my house. How much better off would I be if I just had dog stuff and not so much human stuff?

Learning From My Minimalist Dog About Stuff

It happens every time. Someone comes to the door. Honey pads over to her basket of toys and looks for just the right offering. She returns to the door to greet the visitor, now holding the precious toy in her mouth. Honey always finds just the right item. She doesn’t worry that she doesn’t have […]

Live With Less – Good for the Dog; Good for You

If I got rid of all my history books, did that mean I wasn’t smart anymore? That the time I spent working for two Philadelphia archives was wasted? That I should never have considered grad school? Paring down my book collection for a move just got complicated. Who knew that my “stuff” held so much […]

Too Much Stuff – Good for the Dog; Good for You

My first house had three floors, six bedrooms, and two fireplaces. I used to put signs on the doors to remind me of a room’s post-renovation purpose. It took me two days to clean it. My second house has two floors, three bedrooms, and no fireplaces. We spend most of our time in three rooms. […]

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