When Enough Is Enough!

She put up with craziness for a long time—not knowing where her toys were, having things moving all over the house, stressed-out people keeping kooky hours. But finally, my dog Honey told us enough is enough. And something had to change. Now.

Create Calm In Chaos For Your Dog–And Yourself

My dog Honey spent an hour watching us loading a truck. She daintily avoids walking under the stepladder in the foyer. And she barks when we’re upstairs but she can’t follow because of the plastic drop cloths on the stairs. How can we create calm in the middle of chaos for our dog. And for ourselves?

Stop Stressing Out Your Dog

Who do you think experiences higher stress levels? A CEO responsible for billions of dollars and thousands of employees? Perhaps a military leader making decisions that could cause deaths and injuries to thousands of soldiers? Or a middle manager just running her small department? If you guessed that stress levels are higher for the CEO or […]

Make Allowances for Stress – Good for the Dog; Good for You

Short sentences. Don’t have long. Bandit, our new foster puppy, should be done chewing his bone in about… Oh, damn. Puppies = Stress Puppy breath causes amnesia. If it didn’t, dog breeders of all kinds would take up stamp collecting. Who wants an insatiably curious set of razor-sharp teeth with four feet and a tail […]

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