Teach a Dog to Drive; Get That Dog a Home

I love a clever idea. And someone at the Mini car company had a clever idea involving their charitable partner, the New Zealand SPCA: What if you could prove shelter dogs are just as smart as dogs from breeders by, oh, I don’t know, teaching them to drive a car? Just watch. I can’t stop […]

Wordless Wednesday – Meet Buster!


November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

When my dog Agatha passed at 16 years old in October 2007, I couldn’t face adopting a new dog. Finally, in January 2008, I couldn’t go one more day without a dog in my life. I visited the local SPCA during my lunch hour with my husband’s words echoing in my ears: “I’d like to […]

Honey's Back in School – Dog Training Starts Today

Yes, I know that I have some wonderful dog training resources in books and on the web. And if I just practice a few minutes throughout the day, Honey will learn all she needs to be a well-mannered dog. But what can I say? I love taking training classes. And I learn so much in […]

Love the Pup You're With – part 1

Each of my previous dogs came from the shelter. And each was older (in Shadow’s case, much older) than Honey was when we brought her home. Mixed breeds, it was a guessing game to figure out their parentage much less their grandparentage. We brought them home, loved them to death, and coped with whatever issues […]

Can Puppy Come Out To Play?

Honey has been attending puppy kindergarten at the SPCA. Until she gets all her shots, Honey’s exposure to other dogs is limited to those we know are healthy and immunized. Puppy kindergarten has been a great chance for her to meet other pups.And Katie, her playmate in the picture, has done a great job of […]

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