Meet & Greet Virtual Party – Celebrating CatTipper!

Paris and John of DogTipper are hosting a virtual party to celebrate their new website, CatTipper. I guess when you start writing about animals it’s hard to stop. The idea is to introduce yourself and your blog and link to their linky list by Friday so you can meet other bloggers. A party that doesn’t […]

Why Do We Blog?

We probably don’t blog because our dogs want us to. I know Honey would much prefer I stand out in the yard and toss a ball over and over until she decides she’d rather play tug. Or chase. Or have a snack. A few different bloggers have raised interesting issues lately about balancing the needs […]

We’re Back!

When I decided to start Something Wagging This Way Comes, I had two motives: to keep track of Honey’s time with us and to learn something about web design through blogging. Watching Honey growing up? Lots of fun. Learning new stuff about computers? Well, let’s just say it’s not as much fun as walkies in […]

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