How Pet Friendly Businesses Could Save Lives

Yeah, I like taking Honey with me places because I enjoy her company. But did you know that pet friendly businesses have the potential to save dogs’ lives? Let me explain.

3 Reasons a Dog Will Flinch Without Being Abused

Human beings have survived for thousands of years by assuming the worst. Not every sound in the forest is a saber toothed tiger, though. And not every dog that flinches has been abused.     3 Things That Make A Dog Flinch (Besides Abuse) 1. Clumsy Owners When I walk into a room carrying an […]

Preparing Your Dog for Adventure (or Teaching Your Dog To Sail When You Don’t Have a Boat)

Let’s say you want to do something dramatic. Like selling your house and moving onto a boat. Before you up-end your entire life, how do you know your dog will be happy with your choice? Introducing Big Change to Your Dog Before you stop reading because you have no intention of putting your dog on […]

Why You Should Take Your Dog to the Mall

 Honey Wants to Be an Underwear Model On Saturday, Honey will walk by Victoria’s Secret in the mall. And I know just what she’ll be thinking: “I’d be a cuter model in the store window than that stupid stuffed thing.” And she’d be right. But we don’t take Honey to the Pet Expo at our […]

Socialization Never Ends – Honey Goes to the Mall

Last week I took Honey to the mall, for the second time. The first time was when she was ten weeks old. I’m not sure why the local mall decided to have a pet-friendly day but I’m glad they did. It’s a great chance for socialization. If you’re not familiar with the concept of socialization, […]

January is National Train Your Dog Month

When you look at the list of dogs available on Petfinder or Craigslist, what do you notice? I see lots of ads for dogs between 5 months and 1 year old–only somewhat housebroken, sweet, but active and rambunctious and needing a big yard to run around in. Every time I read one of those ads, […]

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