What Happens To The Dog When The Internet Goes Down

Verizon is out to get me. They’ve must have gotten hold of my comments in favor of net neutrality on the FCC website and they’re putting the screws to me. How? By messing with my broadband. For over a week, I’ve had sketchy internet service. In the early mornings I’m fine. But once people on the […]

16 Ways Dogs Are Better Than Social Media

More people use Facebook than live with dogs. Why? Don’t they know dogs are better than social media? Dogs More Fun Than Social Media; Need Better Marketing ♥ You don’t need tools to measure your influence with a dog. You know every time you call and they come to you. ♥ Dogs don’t change their appearance every two […]

Cash for You and Your Favorite Animal Charity with Twitter

Two Little Cavaliers and Pamper Yourself in Pink have organized a Social Media Event in which you just might win a cash prize to share with your favorite animal charity. If you win, you will receive a $112 Cash Prize for yourself via Paypal and $213 will directly to the charity of your choice! All […]

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