Helping Dogs, Naked Dudes & Dinero

I’m involved in two great giveaways this week. You definitely want to join in. Giveaway #1: 6 Packs 9 Lives Calendar Found Animals is raising money for cat rescue by selling their 6 Packs 9 Lives Calendar. Handsome, cat loving studs pose with their favorite kitties. What’s not to love? You can buy a copy […]

Last Chance – Join the Holiday Blogging Event to Benefit Needy Animals!

Have you ever entered a 50/50 raffle? Everyone chips in a few dollars and a name is drawn from a hat. The money collected is split between one of the entrants and a charity. Promote, have fun, and help animals. Felissa Hadas over at Two Little Cavaliers is hosting a fun, social media version of […]

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