What To Do When You Get Bears In Your Bed

Why do I need to know what to do if I meet a bear? I live downtown in a small city (without bears). I’ll be moving aboard a boat next year (and don’t plan on sailing to Alaska any time soon). And I’ve never glimpsed a bear outside of a zoo. But then I dug a […]

6 Benefits of Sharing A Bed With Your Dog

I got the message. Stop being a wimp. Put on my big girl panties. And stop whining about sharing the bed with my dog. Time to look at the benefits of sharing a bed with my dog. Benefit #1: Save money on dental floss. By the time I pull Honey’s tail fur out from between my […]

My Husband Sleeps With Two Bitches

One barks when she doesn’t get enough sleep, slobbers contentedly out the side of her mouth when she does, and was just whining for a cookie. The other one is a dog. I’m So Tired I don’t sleep well. Even though I do all the right things. I wake up and go to bed around the […]

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