Dr. Horrible Goes To The Dogs

I’m a freaky, anti-tech Luddite. I don’t have a cell phone, tablet, or even a television (and they’ve been around for 70 years). But I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the internet. Why? Because, at least for now, it’s a relatively cheap place for creative people to share their works with the world. And my latest favorite creative person […]

Big Dogs Of Literature

What could be better than curling up with a good book on a cold, rainy morning? How about curling up with a good book about dogs on a cold, rainy morning? Here are a few of my favorites. Literature Goes To The Dogs How many of these would you like to read? Pom Sawyer by […]

6 Benefits of Sharing A Bed With Your Dog

I got the message. Stop being a wimp. Put on my big girl panties. And stop whining about sharing the bed with my dog. Time to look at the benefits of sharing a bed with my dog. Benefit #1: Save money on dental floss. By the time I pull Honey’s tail fur out from between my […]

Get Ready for the Fight of the Century

Are you prepared for a powerhouse of puppy pugilism? Pulchritude and precision will pair with with punching paws of power in the prize-fight of the century. Honey will battle her opponent next weekend. And we’ll share the results on Tuesday, April 25 when you will have a chance to win the prize. Want to know more about […]

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