When Dogs Train Us

Supposedly people are smarter than dogs. But I wonder if that’s true. I feel dumber than my dog all the time. And it’s a fact that sometimes our dogs train us.

Some Amazing Dogs I Wish I Had

I’m not proud of myself. But sometimes I feel envy. No, I don’t covet my neighbor’s car. Or wish I had someone else’s house. But every so often I meet an amazing dog. And I wish I had one just like him. The Amazing Dog Who Waits A contractor who works in my neighborhood had […]

Your Dog Doesn’t Know He Has Cancer

Usually the more experience you have with something, the less scary you find it. That’s not true with cancer. I’ve worked for a head and neck cancer surgeon, had several family members stricken, nursed two dogs with it, and married a childhood cancer survivor. And it still freaks me out. Approximately 60% of golden retrievers […]

Why Do We Shed Tears Over A Dog We’ve Never Met?

(Note to the Reader: Don’t worry. I promise this will end on a happy note.) Bloggers share the sad stuff. It’s a way of processing hard news. Of releasing tension. But it’s also our responsibility. After all, we’re part of a community. And as a part of that community, I respond to the sad stuff […]

The Curse of Having a “Good” Dog

Since Honey was a puppy, we’ve done regular training in busy, outdoor settings. Dozens of people have stopped to compliment me on what a good dog she is. But having a “good” dog carries a curse. Breedism Rears Its Ugly Head Honey and I were practicing calm behavior near children at the local playground. If […]

Adoptable Oonah & Exciting News to Share

Adoptable Oonagh       Exciting News! You may remember my post for the BISSELL-BlogPaws Blog Carnival in which I told the story of adopting Shadow from the Tompkins County SPCA in Casting a Long Shadow – A Pet Adoption Story. Well, guess what? I was a runner-up in the contest winning a $1,000 grant […]

5 Great Things I’ve Learned About Dogs (and 5 Great Teachers Who Taught Them)

Once we get beyond what to feed our dog and how to exercise her, we still have lots to learn. Who are our teachers? Here are just a few of my teachers and the lessons they’ve taught that enhance my relationship with Honey every day. Use one special word for calling your dog and always […]

Tail Tales – How You Can Read Your Dog’s Emotions in the Direction They Wag

A tail held high is a sign of arousal and a fast, short wag could mean trouble. But did you know that the direction of your dog’s wag can tell you how he’s feeling? A study completed in Turin, Italy in 2007 demonstrated that dogs feeling comfortable wag more to the right than to the […]

What's in a Name?

When we’re out and about, people ask me my puppy’s name. I reply, “Honey,” and they nearly always reply with a smile and say “Oh, of course.” Everyone seems to think it fits. Before we knew which puppy from the litter would be ours, we brainstormed names: “Sugar”, “Lyric”, “Muffin”, along with 20 others. I […]

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