Fall Leaf Search – Wordless Wednesday

      Your Turn: Is autumn like an easter egg hunt in your neighborhood? Except instead of searching for eggs you’re trying to scoop the poop?   

What Do You Do AFTER You Scoop the Poop?

Note: This post was updated July 2014. I understand loving your dog so much you want to have a keepsake when they’re gone. But does it really have to be their poop? If you don’t want dog poop as a keepsake, what is the most convenient, affordable, and environmentally responsible way to deal with it? Dog […]

The Dog, the Universe, and Me

With Amy Burker’s post on becoming the “Poop Fairy,” there’s been a raft of posts and comments in the blogiverse about a dog person’s favorite topic: poop. The following guest post by my husband Michael will give you a new perspective on the poop that’s been left behind. ____________________ The Dog, the Universe, and Me […]

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