The Biggest Benefit of Attending BlogPaws

A thoroughly exhausted dog… I’ll post more about the conference soon. Right now, we’re deciding if we can stay for the entire day or need to leave early to beat Irene home. Have a great Saturday! This is a blog hop. Hop on…  

Saturday Blog Hop & Blog the Change for Animals

Today the Saturday Blog Hope coincides with Blog the Change for Animals. There are some amazing posts out there advocating for animals and I wanted to see them get to a wider audience. You’ll find my post below along with the links to all the other participating bloggers. Want to join in? It’s not too […]

Honey’s First Christmas

We’re approaching Honey’s first birthday (January 26) and I’m thinking about what a great gift she has been to me this year. Honey is a very “easy” dog. Even her first night home with us, she only whined for 5 seconds and then, never again. Honey is friends with everyone! Honey is up for any […]

Why Do We Blog?

We probably don’t blog because our dogs want us to. I know Honey would much prefer I stand out in the yard and toss a ball over and over until she decides she’d rather play tug. Or chase. Or have a snack. A few different bloggers have raised interesting issues lately about balancing the needs […]

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