Interpreting Puppy Cries

The hardest part of having a short-term foster puppy? Learning to understand her unique puppy sounds. Silent Honey Puppy Honey was pretty quiet. She had two cries: I’m hungry. Feed me now. I gotta pee. Let me out. Why was she so silent? Because it’s hard to cry when your mouth is full of sweater, […]

Let Me Give You Some Advice, Kid – Wordless Wednesday

Honey is the best foster-sister ever. Recently a little birdie heard her giving Sally some advice. What do you think Honey told Sally? Put your guess in the comments.    

Why Would Anyone Take a Dog Sailing?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. Why would anyone want to take a dog sailing? Perhaps the Carton family can explain better than I can. They shot some lovely footage of last summer’s trip exploring Italy’s volcanic islands north of Sicily. The youngest crew member was […]

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