9 Reasons Everyone Should Sail With A Dog

During the long wait to buy our new sailboat, I’ve had plenty of time to say to myself, “MY DOG. AM I CRAZY TO WANT TO LIVE ON A SMALL BOAT WITH A BIG DOG?” Yes, yes I am crazy. But I’ve also thought of a few reasons everyone should sail with a dog.

What We’ll Leave Behind

Now that we have a timeline for selling the house (next spring) and using the proceeds to buy a sail boat, this whole dream thing is starting to feel real. And I’ve started to think of what we’ll be giving up when we move aboard. Missing family and friends is such a given it doesn’t […]

You’re Going To Do WHAT With Your Dog?

“I’m really happy for you. But I’d never do it in a thousand years.” As we tell family and friends we’re planning to set sail with Honey next year, that’s the typical response. No one has asked us to explain ourselves. Not until Jan of The Poodle and Dog Blog commented: “As someone whose idea of […]

Who Copes Better With Change? Us Or The Dog?

We’ve made a decision. And I’m scared sh*tless. So is my husband. Honey? Not so much. She’s sleeping at my feet dreaming of peanut butter and tug toys. What’s the difference? We know what’s coming and how uncertain our life plans are. Honey lives in the moment. So who copes better with change? Us or the […]

Honey Sings! – Wordless Wednesday

Psst, if you want to sing along, here’s the tune. Your Turn: I’m still astounded Honey took to sailing so well. What has your dog done that you never expected him or her to do?

Curse of the Eager to Please Dog

I’ve read the complaints on Facebook and blogs. I’ve heard them on the streets. “My dog never comes when I call her.” “He’s just stubborn.” “I could never trust my dog off leash.” “My dog wouldn’t give me a kiss if I smeared steak on my lips.” You’re lucky. At least you don’t know the […]

When the Dog Changes the Plan – Train Your Dog Month Challenge

We’re just going to have fun. No big goals. No tough challenges. For our Train the Dog Month Challenge, Honey and I are going to have a good time doing tricks for treats. But sometimes the dog changes the plan. Or some human changes the plan and blames it on the dog. Honey Goes Sailing […]

Sailing with Dogs – a photo essay

Honey won’t swim. But so far she has ridden in kayaks, been on ferries, cruised on river boats and now, she has sailed. How did she like it? Let’s check the photographic evidence. Honey the Sailing Dog We saw a little bit of this: And we saw a little bit of this: And the next […]

How Do You Teach a Dog to Sail – A Plea for Help

My big learning project for the summer is sailing. Yep, I’ve made it to 45 years old without thoroughly humiliating myself. That means it’s time to take up something new. With its own language (you need to sail a beam reach on a starboard tack to approach the canal entrance). And lots of new skills […]

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