The Most Important Job On The Boat

Can you guess who has the most important job on the boat? Nope, it’s not me. And it’s not my husband. And no, it isn’t even Honey.

Doggy Dread – A Story Told in Pictures

We’re three days into our sailing adventure with Honey and blessed with great WiFi at the Ganonoque Marina in Ontario. Thought I’d share the results of our biggest worry about taking Honey on a sailboat. How do you get a timid dog, who doesn’t like to swim, aboard a boat? How about a ramp? But […]

When You’re As Scared As Your Dog

The panting, quivering, cowering—no one likes to see their dog feeling scared. So we turn to tools to make them feel better. We buy Thundershirts and calming treats. We use training to build up their resilience to scary experiences before they’re terrified. And sometimes we just cuddle them and stroke them while telling them everything […]

Sailing with a Dog? Pet Travel Tuesday

I love reading an armchair adventure. And A Sea Dog’s Tale: The True Story of a Small Dog on a Big Ocean

Kicking *ss and Taking Names

If you read Will My Dog Hate Me (and if you don’t, why not?), you’ve probably read that blogger and professional writer Edie Jarolim has asked me to serve on an “accountability panel” to help her meet her goal to self-publish a book on pet travel. I’m pleased to help offer some encouragement and gentle […]

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