When Is A Boat Better Than An RV?

Living on a boat is like living in an RV. But an RV is more comfortable and less complicated than a sailboat. Except one time when a boat is definitely better than an RV. Can you guess when?

Why I’ve Never Loved My Dog More

I don’t know if I feel worse for what I put her through or better for how proud I am of how she handled it. But I do know that I’ve never loved my dog more. Here’s why. (Sorry folks, no pictures. Once you read on, you’ll understand why.)

Does Your Dog Trust You?

“If you promise your dog something, you have to give it to her. Don’t risk breaking her trust.” Honey’s trainer said this to me years ago. It reminds me to ask myself, “Does my dog trust me?”

I Need Your Advice For My Timid Dog

We all worry about our dogs. You might worry about your dog getting injured or sick. I worry about my dog going overboard and being lost at sea when we move aboard a sailboat next year. I’m working on ways to prevent that from happening. But I need your advice for my timid dog. Protecting […]

What We’ll Leave Behind

Now that we have a timeline for selling the house (next spring) and using the proceeds to buy a sail boat, this whole dream thing is starting to feel real. And I’ve started to think of what we’ll be giving up when we move aboard. Missing family and friends is such a given it doesn’t […]

Honey Sings! – Wordless Wednesday

Psst, if you want to sing along, here’s the tune. Your Turn: I’m still astounded Honey took to sailing so well. What has your dog done that you never expected him or her to do?

Curse of the Eager to Please Dog

I’ve read the complaints on Facebook and blogs. I’ve heard them on the streets. “My dog never comes when I call her.” “He’s just stubborn.” “I could never trust my dog off leash.” “My dog wouldn’t give me a kiss if I smeared steak on my lips.” You’re lucky. At least you don’t know the […]

Doggy Dread – A Story Told in Pictures

We’re three days into our sailing adventure with Honey and blessed with great WiFi at the Ganonoque Marina in Ontario. Thought I’d share the results of our biggest worry about taking Honey on a sailboat. How do you get a timid dog, who doesn’t like to swim, aboard a boat? How about a ramp? But […]

Inspirational Video – Sailing Dog

Ok, it’s inspirational to me. Am way behind in getting ready to go sailing tomorrow. Mike and I are taking “liveaboard” lessons on Lake Ontario. Honey, unfortunately, has to stay home to guard the silverware. Not sure if I’ll be posting this week–depends on how much time I have and whether I can find bandwidth […]

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