How To Teach A Dog To Fly

Honey has surprised me by learning some amazing things–walking on a moving ramp, climbing steep stairs with open treads, and even staying balanced on a heeling sailboat. But this year we have a new trick for her to learn. We’re going to teach our dog how to fly.

Feeling Defeated? Remember Your First Love

Honey pulled with all her strength. Once she felt the sand between her toes, she did her happy dance and flopped down on her back in sheer joy. Honey remembered her first love.

Why I’ve Never Loved My Dog More

I don’t know if I feel worse for what I put her through or better for how proud I am of how she handled it. But I do know that I’ve never loved my dog more. Here’s why. (Sorry folks, no pictures. Once you read on, you’ll understand why.)

How Long Should You Train Your Dog

This post has affiliate links. Learn more here. How long does it take to train your dog to meet a challenge? I don’t know how long it takes you but let me show you how long we’ve been preparing Honey to live aboard a sailboat.

Make Adventures Where You Find Them

Everyone wants pictures of Honey on tropical beaches and stories about living the nomadic life. Heck, one of my friends even hopes we’ll meet pirates. But even if we haven’t moved aboard a sailboat yet, we’re making adventures where we can.

Buying A Boat For The Dog?

I know everyone is waiting to hear that we’ve bought a boat. But it’s complicated. And one of the biggest complications weighs 50 pounds and is covered in fur.

Traveling By RV vs Traveling By Sailboat

My husband and I call RVs land yachts. Our friends who roll down the highways have a lot in common with our friends who sail the seas. But is traveling by RV really like traveling by sailboat?

Learning From My Minimalist Dog About Stuff

It happens every time. Someone comes to the door. Honey pads over to her basket of toys and looks for just the right offering. She returns to the door to greet the visitor, now holding the precious toy in her mouth. Honey always finds just the right item. She doesn’t worry that she doesn’t have […]

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