Train Your Dog, Build Your Bond

The Real Challenge is Deciding What to Do Once again, it’s Train Your Dog Month. Should I teach Honey to pull children from burning buildings? Dance the Merengue? Climb a ladder? She could learn all of those things. But I can’t teach them. In past challenges, I tried to train Honey to ride in her Doggy […]

Looking for Training Inspiration?

Have you joined the Train Your Dog Month challenge? If not, what are you waiting for? Maybe you need some inspiration from last year’s trainers. First thing you should notice? The Train Your Dog challenge is also a Train Your Bird, Train Your Cat, Train Your Ferret—heck, even a Train Your Spouse challenge. First we […]

I Blame Canada for Making Me Turn (to) Tricks

I hope you’re happy. You damn cheese-eating Canadian, you. It wasn’t enough that you wanted to teach your dog tricks. You had to make me want to also. I’d curse you, Kristine Tonks…. If I wasn’t having so much fun. Why I Hate Dog Tricks I like dogs. I like them as dogs. Not babies. Not […]

New Trick to Teach Your Dog – Pub Herding

Earlier this week, Mel of No Dog About It shared this video on Facebook that she saw at Life With Dogs. I loved it. But I thought the timing was off. This is a video that definitely needs to be seen the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day. Oh, and Kristine, if you’re still looking for […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics – The Big Reveal

You may recall that Kristine of Rescued Insanity gave me a Memetastic Award for which I shared some information about myself. To be more precise, I shared four half truths and one utter lie. Then I asked you to vote for the lie. Here are the results: 25% of you thought that my running away with […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Kristine, over at Rescued Insanity, kindly passed on an award. And not just any award. It’s “the most awesome award ever made.” At least that’s what I read somewhere. Check it out  yourself. See, I told you. So thank you, Kristine. You are a never ending source of embarrassing riches. Or should that be an […]

Introduction to K9 Nose Work

If you’ve been reading Something Wagging This Way Comes for a while,  you know that Honey has been taking a K9 nose work class at the local SPCA. I’ve written about it here, here, here, and here (or search for “K9 Nose Work” in the search section of the sidebar to see the titles and […]

We’re All Doing the Best We Can – Thoughts for 2011

Thank you to Kristine over at Rescued Insanity who mentioned Expect the Best From People from my Puppiness Project series as one of her favorite posts last year. She inspired this post. Years ago I heard a radio interview with a divorce attorney. The interviewer asked, “What is your best advice for people getting married?” […]

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