What’s The Best Trait For A Dog Person To Have?

If you could strengthen one personal trait before adopting a dog, what should it be? Kindness? Patience? Flexibility? Nope, it’s none of those. The best trait for a dog person to have is creativity. Let me tell you why.

Does Your Dog Love You As Much As You Love Your Dog?

You can’t imagine life without your dog. Just the thought of her makes you smile. You buy her gifts, celebrate her birthday, and can’t stop hugging and kissing her. But does your dog love you as much as you love her? I Like My Dog, Does My Dog Like Me? Researchers in Sweden did experiments […]

Why Does My Dog Do That?

They say mystery keeps a relationship exciting. That means Honey and I have enough thrills for years to come. Because sometimes I have no idea what that dog is thinking. Setting the Record Straight When I wrote about how Honey taught me how to train her not to jump, I got several nice compliments on […]

Why Neurotic People Should Not Be Allowed To Have Dogs

It was good to know people were pulling for us. Despite Honey having been abducted by aliens the day of her Canine Good Citizen test, I don’t have any complaints. The test evaluator and her helpers not only loved dogs but cared about people who loved dogs. So why did I feel like crap? Neurotic […]

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