Improve Your Dog’s Recall With Play

Sure, I can make Honey sit, stay, and come to me all day long. But the best way to improve her recall is through play.

3 Must Knows For A Perfect Recall

My dog Honey isn’t perfect. But she has a very reliable recall. Most of the time. But there are three “must knows” for helping Honey to have a perfect recall. And I bet they’re the same three thing you must know to keep your dog’s recall strong.

How Do You Call Your Dog To Come To You?

I would have found it cute if it wasn’t so darn frustrating. I called Honey to come to me. She just stood there and gave me a look that said, “I think not.” My “come” cue is poisoned. I need a new word to teach Honey to come to me when I call her. What […]

Does Your Dog Still Come When You Call? Best Tips For Improving Recall.

Has your dog’s recall gotten a little lazy? Have you asked yourself if you’re like the dude with chili stains on his t-shirt belching on the couch who complains that his wife doesn’t like to have sex with him? Because you have to be attractive to your dog if you want her to come to you.

5 Reasons I Train My Dog

I hit a nerve. Dozens of people commented on my post about why I don’t train my dog better, sharing their love for their dogs’ individual quirks. And hundreds more have come from all over the web to read it. I’m pleased I didn’t get any wackadoo comments from people who think training a dog […]

5 Great Things I’ve Learned About Dogs (and 5 Great Teachers Who Taught Them)

Once we get beyond what to feed our dog and how to exercise her, we still have lots to learn. Who are our teachers? Here are just a few of my teachers and the lessons they’ve taught that enhance my relationship with Honey every day. Use one special word for calling your dog and always […]

Attack of the Teenagers – Or Will I Survive Puppy Adolescence?

Saturday, for the first time, Honey didn’t come when I called her. She raised her head. She thought about it. She decided, Nah, not interested. What was better than the hotdog in my treat bag? The rotting cherries surrounding the tree at a local orchard. Of course I went and got her. And tried again, […]

Why So Many Dog People Live in the Country

‘Cuz they’re embarrassed. I live in a small city neighborhood where I’m surrounded on all sides by houses with small  yards. In one alleyway, I can touch my house and my neighbor’s at the same time. That means that we neighbors get to know each other real well, real fast. What crazy, puppy behavior have […]

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