Why Should I Yell At My Dog Because Your Dog Is A Jerk?

Imagine you’re on a bus or shopping. A stranger walks up to you and does one of the following: sniffs your neck while asking about your perfume, puts their fingers in your afro, or touches your pregnant belly. What’s the right response? An indignant yell? Running as fast as you can in the opposite direction? […]

Sharing My Secret…

You asked me for my secret. How did I manage to hack so many computers and steal millions of dollars while everyone was distracted by Kim Kardashian’s butt? Oops, wrong secret. I mean, how did I train my exuberantly friendly golden retriever Honey to be less friendly so we could pass other dogs and people […]

What It’s Like Having a Reactive Dog

I remember the 5 a.m. walks. Scanning the distant horizon for other dogs. And the panic I felt when an off-leash dog ran up to us while his person yelled, “Don’t worry. He’s friendly.” I experienced those things with three different dogs. My current companion, Honey, is not a reactive dog. Or at least her […]

Looking for the Good Side of Your Bad Dog

I’m guilty. Over the years I’ve said about my dogs, “Why can’t she just…” Fill in the blank—stop pulling, be comfortable alone in the house, push open a door.” But lately, I’ve looked at the benefits of my dogs’ “bad behavior.” And it’s pretty amazing. Benefits of Pulling on Leash My first dog, Christie, was […]

Can You Vacation with a Reactive Dog (without pooping in the woods)?

The Best City for Pet Traveler’s competition over at the Go Pet Friendly blog has been lots of fun. But some of you are reading about pet-friendly cities and saying to yourselves, “Take my dog to a beach with a hundred other dogs? Or expect him to sit quietly under a restaurant table while strangers […]

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