Can You Vacation with a Reactive Dog (without pooping in the woods)?

The Best City for Pet Traveler’s competition over at the Go Pet Friendly blog has been lots of fun. But some of you are reading about pet-friendly cities and saying to yourselves, “Take my dog to a beach with a hundred other dogs? Or expect him to sit quietly under a restaurant table while strangers […]

Coping With a Reactive Dog and His Non-Reactive Person

When you know a neighborhood dog is reactive, you make allowances for his behavior. But what if his person isn’t reactive enough? The Un-Neighborly Dog If you’ve been reading Something Wagging for a while, you know I’m enchanted with dogs and the bonds we form with them. I even love the dogs I don’t like. […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Making Friends at the Lake

Dogs who don’t like dogs; and the people who love them I’ve always loved taking my dogs with me to different places. Unfortunately, two dogs in my adult lifetime have been fearful and reactive toward other dogs and situations. Because of that, we’ve gone to concerts on the lawn to find ourselves edging farther and […]

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