Telling Stories To Help Dogs

When you face a challenge with your dog, plenty of people know just what to do. Everyone becomes an amateur dog trainer suggesting dozens of dos and don’ts. And even if some of the advice is wise, it’s hard to take it all in. But stories catch our attention. Stories teach us. And telling stories […]

Why Adopting A Reactive Dog Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

Sure, I like a cute dog video as much as anyone. I enjoy following the agility competitions of doggy athletes. And who doesn’t love a funny dog poop story? But many of my favorite dog blogs share the joys and trials of living with reactive dogs. Why? Where’s the fun in reading about the terror, humiliation, […]

What It’s Like Having a Reactive Dog

I remember the 5 a.m. walks. Scanning the distant horizon for other dogs. And the panic I felt when an off-leash dog ran up to us while his person yelled, “Don’t worry. He’s friendly.” I experienced those things with three different dogs. My current companion, Honey, is not a reactive dog. Or at least her […]

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