Tell Your Dog To Keep It In His Pants – An Anti-Humping Rant

It starts with a look. Then the dog puts his muzzle over Honey’s shoulder in a date-rapey “C’mon girl, you know you want it” gesture. And if Honey or I don’t act to stop it, the dog soon starts to mount her. I just want to know why the humans don’t tell their dog to keep […]

I Hate Daylight Savings Time (and so does my dog)

I’m a morning person. The best part of my day is between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. Normally. But until Daylight Savings Time ends, I’m a slug.     Where I live, it’s still dark until nearly 7 a.m. So I’ve been sleeping in. Along with the dog. Luckily,  Honey’s stomach clock goes off promptly […]

What’s the Big Deal with Dog Poop?

The blood of grown men runs cold at its sight. Women faint. Children scream. What cursed thing is this? It’s the dreaded dookie! Ithacans Against Dog Poop My town has gotten complaints for not being dog-friendly. After all, who would ban dogs from an outdoor pedestrian mall or a park on the lakeshore? Ithaca, that’s […]

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